Saturday, December 3, 2011

Why I love Santa

December 1997
There is only one Santa.  I first met him 14 years ago this December.  Hop was 3 and Harry almost 1; my mom was in the end stages of metastatic melanoma; and I was totally stressed out.  Just thinking about those days will bring me to tears.  Staying up 24 hours a day for several days in a row will do that to you.  All I really wanted to focus on was having a Christmas with my sweet little boys, reading Christmas stories, telling them about why Christmas is so special for us, but I was focused on taking care of my mom, except for 1 morning.  For one morning, I was going to just be a mommy to my boys and have a Christmas memory with my little family.

I bought us tickets for a breakfast with Santa and Mrs. Clause.  Not only did we get to see Santa, but he and his wife led us in Christmas carols.  It was the highlight of the season for me.  I needed that time with Hopson, Hoppy & Harry.

Fast forward 14 years...
December 2011
Breakfast with Santa, THE singing Santa and Mrs. Clause.  This time though, Hop is 17, Harry almost 15, Elizabeth 11, and Henry 9.  (aren't they precious?)  A few more kiddos added to the mix, and the older 2 a few years older.  Where has the time gone?  How did my children get so big?  What a blessing they are!  I love the Christmas season.  I love what it means.  It's the moment in time that was perfect for The Word to become flesh.  When Jesus took off his princely robes of heaven and took on an earthly body.  Without Christmas, there is no Easter.

I talked to Santa this morning, I told him about that December day 14 years ago, and how it was the day that made my Christmas.  You know what he said?  "Give that girl your camera & have your picture made with us."  I love Santa. 

Mommy with Santa & Mrs. Clause
May your days be merry and bright & may you be blessed beyond measure,

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