Friday, December 30, 2011

Thank you Pinterest!!!

I made the best appetizer last night.  (and it was easy, which you know I am very pro.)  I pulled the recipe off of Pinterest.  I'm not addicted to Pinterest, but I do like it.  It has great recipes, cute outfits, funny sayings, life sayings, ways to make your own detergent, you name it, it's on there.  For those of you not on Pinterest, you make your own 'board' (it is kinda like a ebullitin board) and you pin thing onto your board.  You also name your board.  I'm a little kooky so I decided to have fun/weird names for my boards.  And yes, it does make me happy.

My food board is called 'Feed Us Please!'  I made the cheddar bacon ranch pull apart bread last night to go with my brother's homemade chili recipe, that the picky one LOVES, and well as they say, a picture's worth a thousand words.

The completed pull apart!

And the completed pull apart.
Of course I didn't follow the directions.  You know I have to add my own flair to it.  I've named mine the Sourdough Pull Apart.  The fam demolished it in about 10 minutes.  I have to say it was good & I'm planning on make some more for New Year's Eve & New Year's Day to have with our black eyed peas & turnip greens.  :)  I'm super excited.  It will be a super yummy day.  I pray y'all are having a wonderful Christmas break and that you have a very Happy New Year!

Y'all be blessed beyond measure,

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