Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Should it be called Tebowing?

I'm so tired of the whole Tim Tebow controversy I could spit.  I'm sick and tired of commentators tearing him down for bowing in a prayer of thanks.  I hate the term 'Tebowing'.  I wonder if Tim does too?  There have been many players, in many different sports, before him who have given thanks for what God has allowed them to accomplish in sports; either by pointing or kneeling in humble adoration.  So why pick on Tebow?

Is it because no matter how hateful, I do mean hateful, the different people are to him, he continues to be humble, and quick to listen and slow to speak.  Is it because he makes them take a long look in the mirror and think they are not being the man God has called them to be?  Maybe it's because he's winning and giving glory to God; he's not taking all the the credit for winning a game; or they just plain don't like him.  I don't know, but I'm sick of it & I'm sick of him being ridiculed for his faith.

I know many have seen how Tim is acting and wondering if this guy is for real.  I think he is.  He's been in the spotlight since he was in high school, and he's now 23...that's 5 years to slip-up, but he hasn't.  Either he's a great actor or he is who he says he is, a true follower of Christ.

I am making a choice to be one voice who supports Tim Tebow and the Broncos.  I support him because his walk and his talk match.  I support him because he's someone I would want my boys to emulate, and my daughter to marry.  He puts Christ first and everything else is secondary.  God has given him talent (...even though the commentators hate his throwing motion etc, let's not forget he did win the Heisman Trophy as a sophomore no less.) and he uses that talent to the best of his ability.  He demands excellence from himself first and then asks others to follow him in excellence, and guess what, they usually buy-in to what he says, and they follow him. 

I'm proud of Tim Tebow.  I hope he continues to win, because he will point to the One who gave him the ability to do these things.  But, if they lose, I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Tim will continue to give glory where glory is due...to our Lord Jesus Christ.  God be with you Tim!  Romans 5:1-5 

Thanks for letting me rant guys!
Y'all be blessed beyond measure,

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