Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Y'all

I just wanted to wish y'all a very Merry Christmas!  Ours has been wonderful.  We went to Tampa the week before Christmas to spend time with my brother and his wife.  We will be adding a new baby to our family in January!!!  (Not by me, thank goodness.)  I can't wait.  It's been 9 1/2 years since we've had a baby in the fam & we for sure need a new one.

While in Tampa we did some wonderfully fun things.  We went to a fun place called AirHeads; a massively big place that's full of trampolines that are all connected.  It's too much fun.  Of course my children love it.  They were flipping & twisting all over the place.  I was mistaken for a 28 year old!!!  Can I tell you how good that made me feel since I'll be 40 tomorrow.  :)

the fam in our gorgeous wetsuits

We swam with manatees.  Too cool for words.  There was a male that followed us around wanting to be scratched.  He would swim around us giving everyone a chance to love on him.  They are so beautiful & getting to pet them in their environment was amazing.  The water was a little cold, 72 degrees to be exact, but besides that, A OK.

Thursday night we went to see the Huseman Family Light Spectacular.  When they say it's a light spectacular, they mean a light spectacular!  68,000 lights set to 23 different songs.  It's incredible!  I had a great time watching & videoing some of the songs.  The Huseman's personally welcome every person who stops to watch their lights, and they give them a candy cane.  They also delivered almost 1000 pounds of food to a local Tampa charity.  What a great ministry they have. 

one candle shared
one candle

Church was amazing...I cried as usual, but I did something I've always wanted to do...take pictures during the service.  I took a picture of our pastor after he lit his candle, and then after all the candles in the sanctuary were lit.  

The difference between the two is amazing.  The sharing the Love of Jesus takes on a whole new meaning when you see 2400 candles lit, just from the one.  How blessed I have been this year.  I pray you feel God's blessings everyday!!!

Merry Christmas & y'all be blessed beyond measure,

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