Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Someone May Get Slapped

My family has a horrible habit.  They are the messiest people God ever created.  Why are they so messy?  It makes me so sad, and for some reason, they are under the false assumption that my favorite thing to do is to clean-up after them.  The picky one had the audacity to tell me that I needed to do the cleaning-up since I don't do anything else all day, and it's not that big of a deal if the house is messy.  Excuse Me! Did you really just say that?   Oh, yeah, I forgot, I'm just a mom, so that means I have no life, or feelings, or aspirations.  Someone may get slapped.

The chore list.
I can't wait until my children have that Aha moment when they finally understand what goes on around here.  I don't like cleaning up the same things (or different things) all the time...I'm trying to teach them how to do it, but for some reason it's not clicking yet, even with the teenagers.  They are just as messy as they were as toddlers, and 5 verses 1 is not a fair fight.  I've even taped their chores on their mirrors & it still doesn't help.  These chores are just for their rooms, I really want them to pick-up their stuff they leave around the house, and unload their clean clothes baskets without me asking 1000 times.

This weekend I may see a glimmer of hope...Elizabeth leaves to go to NYC with my mother-in-law and all the granddaughters for 4 days, and all the boys are going hunting for the weekend.  Only 2 more days, 2 more days, 2 more days.  This will be my mantra until they leave.  I hope I can hang on until then.

Someone didn't read the chore list...
I wonder what makes some of us neat freaks and others not.  For those of you who are not...I just don't understand.  I want to put up the rules I thought up for my kitchen in different rooms of our home.  When things are at their cleanest, I'm at my happiest.  Cleanliness is next to Godliness.  :)  Well, I'm going to get some cleaning done so I can hopefully get a workout, and do some actual money making work today.  May the Lord make my hands swift and efficient as I work to clean this messy house today.

I would love to know if your families are the same as mine.  Neat Freaks Unite!  Please let me know I'm not the only one surrounded by messy people out here.

Y'all be blessed beyond measure,
~ashley, the neat freak

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