Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ahh, Brotherly Love

When ever the older boys want something from Hopson or me you can always tell because they start with:  "Oh great and wonderful mother, who is wise and kind..."  I just start giggling, what do you expect me to do?  I usually know what they're going to ask, depending on the time in the year, but I love it when they agree on something and they both (or all 4) will come to ask me something.

Last night I received such a request.  Since they were not doing anything in school, they humbly asked to be checked-out from school today.  I promise Harry needs to be an attorney.  I start thinking about if it's a good idea to check them out & he has 5000 reasons why I should.  8 times out of 10 I will initially refuse their request, but I hesitate millisecond & you can see the hopefulness on their faces.

calling shotgun
I gave in & checked them out, I mean, they really weren't doing anything.  We went to get Henry from school since Elizabeth was coming home from a granddaughters trip to NYC.  I ended up taking all the boys out to lunch.  As you can imagine, when I'm driving, riding shotgun is a premium.  Harry didn't necessarily call it, but he ran and jumped in the front seat to lay claim to it.  Now, I'm not one to stir, but I asked Hop if he was going to allow his younger brother to sit in the front.  The result was hilarious.  They were scuffling and laughing, I was laughing & trying to get a picture that wasn't blurry.  I love it when my boys get to rough-house and laugh. 

Yes, I said I like it when my boys rough-house.  I let them throw balls in the house (but please be careful of my lamps), run, wrestle, and whatever else boys like to do. (bodily functions are not excluded, but time and place please)   When they're out in public or at a friend's house I expect gentlemanly behavior, but a man's home is his castle, so I have 1 king & 3 princes who have marked ever inch of this house.  Elizabeth & I just shake our heads; laugh at their antics; and remember to check the toilet seat before we go to the bathroom.

I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving!  We're going to Tupelo to have dinner with Hopson's oldest brother, his family, and my in-laws.  I know I will have TONS of stories.  When we all get together, craziness ensues, but there's lots of laughter.

Y'all be blessed beyond measure,

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