Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dreaming of a White Christmas

I want to say привет to all the people from Russia reading MOJ. 
Lately we've had a lot of traffic from that part of the world, so I just wanted to give you guys a shout out.
С Рождеством to you too.  (for all of us not fluent in Russian that says Merry Christmas. 
I love Google!)

Christmas will change in my home in a few years. Hoppy will be going off to college & he will realize that where ever he is will be his home, and we will be a place he only visits. It makes me want to cry, but I'm going to hold on to the next few years and love every second of them!

I remember the Christmas after my dad died, it was the most heartbreaking Christmas ever.  Christmas was my dad's favorite holiday, and we all knew it.  It changed again 5 years later when my mom was dying.  She was so sick she couldn't join us for most of it.  We did little things to bring laughter in the house, but it was a lot of work.  She died December 30th.  It was a sad Christmas too, but for some reason the music of Christmas always helps me remember happy times.

As far as I'm concerned, only a few people should be allowed to sing Christmas songs.  They are so beautiful and there are so many who butcher them.  :/  Bing Crosby is on the approved list.  Daddy would play the White Christmas album ad nauseam, but to this day when I hear it, I think of Daddy.  

I've always wanted a white Christmas.  Living in the south, the chances of having one are about slim & none..that is until last year.  We had a dusting of snow, the first one ever on Christmas morning in my state, and to make it even snowed the day after Christmas too, which is my birthday.  :)  What can I say, I don't want much, but snow on my b'day was #1.

Well, this year I'm dreaming of another white Christmas.  It would be too wonderful for words. 

What are the things that are a must have or must hear for you & your family every Christmas?  I look forward to reading what you love about Christmas!

Be blessed beyond measure,

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