Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thinking of Bill Cosby & Chocolate Cake

I think Bill Cosby is one of the funniest comedians ever!  His take on raising children from 'Bill Cosby:  Himself' is right on the money.  That video came out when I was a teenager.  I thought it was funny then, because I was living the children's side of it, but now I understand the true humor behind it because I now have children of my own.

I can really relate to a lot of the different bits in his monologue.  The first one being when he talks about childbirth.  I know this has nothing to do with cake, but it's a funny part of my life that I like to tell.  My wonderful husband, made the mistake of telling me when I was in intense labor with our first child, that he knew exactly how I felt.  Um, did he really say that?  Yes, he did, and I wanted to slug him, or as Bill said, take his bottom lip & stretch it over his skull.  The labor was a long & painful, and it's story that I won't bore you with here, but know that I had no pain meds (not of my own free will) and the peaks of my contractions were every 30 seconds.  Can you say active labor?

I also love the story of his wife kicking him out of bed and making him make breakfast for his children.  And what did said children get for breakfast, the infamous chocolate cake!  I'm an early bird.  I can get more done before 12pm then I can get done the rest of the day.  I don't fix a big breakfast for my kids for several reasons:  1. they all want different things (Hop ate spaghetti for breakfast yesterday, hey who am I to complain)  2.  they don't eat everything on their plates (if I'm agonna cook're agonna eat it, kapiesh?)  3.  they would rather have the extra few minutes to sleep.  But on weekends, I'll make the big breakfast:  pancakes, bacon, eggs, grits and anything else they may be having a hankering for.  I  have to admit, on rare occasions, if we have cake around, I might let my kids have a slice for breakfast.  Like Bill said, it has eggs, flour, and milk.  Breakfast of Champions!

The Busy Day Chocolate Cake recipe I've linked to was made by my friend, Martha Cook.  Somethings you need to know about Mrs. Martha:  she is a wonderful cook (her husband, Robert, was mentioned on my blog too),  she is a great mother of two precious boys, she is a fabulous attorney, and does many things for our city.  She's a busy momma!  (She also has a kitchen to die for.)   We are in supper club together & Martha was hosting it at her house.  I love supper club.  It's so funny because it's always the girls in one room & the guys in the other.  We talk & laugh, and talk some more.  Some of my favorite memories happen at supper club.  At the end of dinner Martha pulls out this chocolate cake & OH MY, but it is good.  She said it was easy & of course my ears perked up.  You know I don't like to bake.  You have to measure it just right or the dessert will fall or be a brick.  No no, baking is not the life for me, but I think I could do this chocolate cake.  There are not 5 million ingredients & steps, it's super simple & the butter cream frosting, um, it melts in your mouth.  (but it should, it's 4 sticks of butter & 1 pound of confectioner's sugar, I can feel my fanny expanding just talking about it!) 

If you need a great homemade cake in under an hour, you have to make this BDCC!  I think I may have to make on this weekend for the fam.  I could go for a huge hunk of cake right now, but alas, the clean clothes are calling my name! ;)

Y'all be blessed beyond measure,

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