Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dinner and a Movie Part 2

As you know from Dinner and a Movie that while I was growing up, when one of the big 3 classic movies was on TV we would eat spaghetti.  While my children have been growing up they have not really cared for my homemade spaghetti.  I've tried making homemade marinara, and since they didn't like it I just gave up & used the stuff out a jar.  I know it's sad and pathetic.

But guess what, I found an easy (YEA!!!) but very yummy basic marinara sauce.  We love to watch Cake Boss.  Buddy Valastro, who owns Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken, NJ, is now doing a show called Kitchen Boss, and can I tell you I LOVE IT!  It's like all the cooking shows that are out right now, but he made a marinara sauce that is to die for & because the entire fam loved it, I want to share it with you.  One neat thing about this recipe is that once you get the garlic cooked, you can make the rest of it in the crock pot.  That's right, I said the crock pot!  I am thankful for my crock pot, it has been a wonderful friend to me over the years.  :) 

I know you're going to laugh when you see the marinara recipe, but try not to.  Just be thankful!  It makes enough for 2 full servings, so you can use one and freeze one.  After my sauce was cooked, I added ground venison with onions, garlic, and a ton of Italian seasonings & returned it to the crock pot for a few hours to really get the flavors simmered together.  They all inhaled it, even the picky one.  It was a very successful night!  Everyone went to be full and happy & I went to bed satisfied that I now have a marinara that they love & will eat! 

Y'all be blessed beyond measure,

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