Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sing Dance Laugh Love

I was driving home from dropping E off at dance last night & what song comes on the radio?  Forget You by Cee Lo Green.  I cranked it up, opened the sunroof, and began to loudly sing along with the radio.  Why you may ask?  My Momma & Daddy. 

I grew up listening to The 4 Tops, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson, The Commodores, Frankie Valli & the 4 Seasons, and Clarence Carter.  (that's just the tip of the iceburg!)  Basically it was like we were listening to the soundtrack of The Big Chill all the time.  Momma & Daddy would sing & dance all around the house.  Momma would break out in The Skate

They were part of a dance club, and all of their friends danced too.  They would talk about going to 'The Hangout' in Panama City.  There was always laughter that accompanied the dancing & memories.  I liked watching my parents like this & I love remembering them this way.  Jemi Lynn & Evans Whaley, Cathy & Billy Moss, Betty & John Moss, are three of the couples who stand out in my mind who would hangout with Momma & Daddy.  I love each of these people for the joy brought to my parents.  Jemi Lynn & Evans have since joined my parents in heaven, and I still love them dearly.

Jemi Lynn Whaley did not like to cook.  The Whaley family would eat Thanksgiving Dinner with us each year & Jemi Lynn would always bring her blueberry congealed salad that was my favorite.  I'm so glad she gave me the recipe so long ago.  Every time I make it I think of her.  Since I'm trying my best to usher in springtime I thought I would post this recipe.  I would look pretty as part of your Easter lunch.  (It's blue.) 

Forget You sounds so much like the music my parents spoon fed us.  I know they would have gotten me to burn it on a cd for them and then coaxed me to hang out with them and dance too.  LOL.

If you don't listen to music with your kids, please start.  Sing loudly & dance boldly even if you do both badly!  I'm so glad I have this legacy to pass onto my children.  And yes, they have started to mock me to my face like I did to my mom.  It's all done with love & laughter though, and I hope as they grow-up and start to leave the home nest to grow-up & then start having families of their own that they will pass this tradition on to them.

So if you see us in the car around town jamming with the windows down don't hesitate to join us!  You'll be glad you did.    

Y'all be blessed beyond measure,


  1. Jemi Lynn also made the best Ham and Cheese Sandwiches. I remember Mom and Jemi Lynn blasting "Strokin", the dirty version, when Jim, Andy, and I were present in the white bullet van they had. I can still see them doing the hand jive and squirming in their car seats as if they were on the dance floor. Thanks for sharing the memory. I own the big chill CD and think I will put it on with the windows down on my way home:)

  2. Reading this made me smile, Ashley. I remember hanging out at your house and thinking, "This is the coolest family." Such a fun place to be. Your parents were so much fun and I felt so at home there. On the music front, we are jamming all the time together thanks to the ipod I got about a year ago. Everyday is a new discovery on Pandora and my kids and I love to dance! We are the family rockin' out to Vanilla Ice on our way to church! lol I love you sweet friend and your sweet sis, too!


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