Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's official, I'm a dork

Well, it's official.  I have been confirmed as a dork by my teenagers.  I guess I knew this day would eventually come, but I hoped I would at least be 40 when I became a dork to my kids. 

If they only knew...

I remember when I dubbed my parents as dorks.  We were dancing in the kitchen & my mom started doing 'the skate'.  She was born in 1948 and came of age in the '60's and apparently the skate was hugely popular.  Um, yeah, well in the '80's the skate was not cool.  My sister & I could mimic my mom so well it was scary!

Jump forward to 2011.  We're in the kitchen, listening to music & 'All I do is win' comes on & Hoppy and Harry (especially Harry with Hoppy egging him on.  The scene was eerily familiar) start making fun of me.  Every time they hear the song now they start to laugh and now mimic me. 

I don't remember waking up and feeling like a dork.  When did this horrid transformation take place?  For some reason the song 'White & Nerdy' keeps playing in my mind.

The only good part of becoming a dork this early in life is that in about 10 years I should grow out of the dork phase, and then I'll just be old. 

If any of you other parents have been dubbed dorks by your adoring offspring, I would love to hear from you.  Misery loves company; or is it birds of a feather flock together. 

We're having beef tips & rice for dinner tonight.  Click here for the recipe. I did change it up a little & instead of using beer I used Marsala cooking wine, salt, pepper, rosemary & a little olive oil.  Should be yummy.  I'll let you know later.

I hope you enjoy the laugh & have fun remembering when you thought your parents were dorks.

Y'all be blessed beyond measure,

1 comment:

  1. Love it!! And yes, I'm pretty sure we've been dubbed dorks too :)

    Of course you can always turn the tables with this kinda move:

    And that, neighbor, is the last time I'll hijack your comments section tonight. Just having fun reading through your recent posts and realizing the synergy of what you and I are writing/eating/living these days!


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