Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's not easy, being green

Growing up, my brother, Cotton, would not eat green beans.  I mean he flat out refused.  My mom being ever so clever decided to try changing the name, and mommy beans were invented. Cotton told her that, no, these were definately green beans.  She assured him that they were mommy beans which were completely different from green beans.  He bought into it, and would eat mommy beans all the time.

When I had friends over to eat, which was a lot, we had mommy beans.  My friends never had to eat all their mommy beans, but they had to eat at least one bite.  I can't complain.  My mom never made us eat liver, brussel sprouts, or beets.  Eating green beans was a no brainer.

There is are a few tricks to having killer mommy beans:  Del Monte (and only Del Monte) cut green beans, bacon grease, and a pot dedicated only to green beans.  This pot does not get washed.  Let me reiterate this, do not wash the green bean pot.  By not washing the pot you are seasoning it.  Very similar to cast iorn skillets or if you have a pampered chef baking stone.  The bacon grease seasons the pot and makes the beans take yummy. When you're done using the pot, put the lid on it & store your leftover green beans in it in the fridge.  The next time you need beans, you pull out the pot, bring it to a quick boil and voila, you have green beans.  When ever you add a new can of green beans they need to cook for at least one hour.  Yes, this does boil out most of the nutrients, but it gives them a great dark green color & fills them with flavor.  If you want to add a little lemon juice you can.

We've been eating mommy beans as long as I can remember.  Once I had my own children, mommy beans became a staple in their diets.We have added a lot of different veggies as the children have gotten older, but this one is a hand-me-down, and extremely easy.  Cotton also eats a bigger variety of veggies, it's good to see he's not still hung-up on green beans.  :)

Eat your mommy beans & y'all be blessed beyond measure,

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