Thursday, March 3, 2011

And who am I again?

A few days ago Hoppy was surfing around the internet (that really means he was looking at & sports blogs.) when he told me Harvey Updike, the guy who poisoned Auburn's 130  year old oaks, was released from jail.

I have so many different feelings about this man.  Surprisingly, I'm not angry at all, but I am sad for him on so many levels.

First, he has become a pariah.  People are distancing themselves from him.  Not just regular people, but also the University of Alabama.  He is even having a hard time finding an attorney.  Three different attorneys have asked to have themselves recused from the case.

Second, the team he loves is kissing it's across the state cousin to try to repair the family feud that had gotten so out of hand.  The SGAs from both Auburn and Alabama have planted sister trees on each campus in a show of standing together.  I think both of the schools have great friendly rivalries during the year to help different charities.  There are Bama groups on FaceBook that are raising money to help the Toomer's Corner trees.

Third, and I think most important, is Mr. Updike has placed football as a god in his life.  His hatred of Auburn is so deep he is going to be spending time in jail if he is found guilty.   Don't get me wrong, I love Auburn football, and this past season was magical, but it's a game.  Was I yelling during the game, absolutely.  Was I so happy about winning, you bet.  But, after the game was over, that was all it was, a game.

This year's (and probably forever) saying was 'AU Family, All In'.  Auburn is the sum total of her people, not just football, and  I don't love Auburn because of football, I love Auburn because of the memories I have there.  I'm a graduate, and it's home.

I do not like trashy fans.  I don't care if it's with my child's baseball team or my college team.  There is no room in sports for them.  They can ruin the ambiance of a really good time.  I love the Rick and Bubba Show, and they often talk about 'culling your nuts'.  I so agree with them.  It's time for all of us regular people to start helping our a little over the top brethren.  There are so many other things to be passionate about.

I know there are lots of pictures surfing around the internet of Mr. Updike in his Bama garb & then one of him in his prison orange, and there is also one of him with his grandchild.  These pictures break my heart.  You have a man whose anger for a team is so deep he decided to kill the trees that represent so much to that school.  What a wasted emotion.  I want him to pull for his team.  He can even pull against Auburn, I could understand that.  But this kind of bitterness & hatred must stop.  All over the internet I have read polar opposite opinions of the poisoning.  Some were very sad for Auburn & others said they were happy about what happened to a bunch of stupid trees.  I think the comments that upset me the most were the ones that were making comments about my school that know nothing about Auburn.

I don't care if you don't like my school.  I don't care if you think we are the biggest bunch of hicks in the state of Alabama.  But, what I will ask is that you not comment on what you don't understand.  My biggest hope is that Harvey Updike will hear the gospel of Jesus Christ during this time.  Only He can can set a man to right when he is on the wrong path.  He does it through His love, so Auburn family, are you still All In?  Can you forgive and forget?  Can you be the people the Lord has called us to be?  It's in our creed.  We are to:  "serve our fellow man by doing justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with our God."  Can we do that?  Can we truly forgive him & reach out and share Jesus with him?  It's a hard thing, but when we set our minds to it, we can do anything!

Y'all be blessed beyond measure,

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