Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ever Fearful

When our children are born we have such high aspirations for them.  I remember how I felt when I found out I was pregnant with each of my four children.  I wondered what all parents wonder.  I remember feeling so blessed and excited.  From the moment I realized I would be a mommy, I have loved my children fiercely.  I would do anything for them.  I want to raise them to be Godly men and women.  I want them to love Jesus, love their families, friends, and be Kingdom seekers and soul winners.

The one thing that fills me with fear is drugs.  When your children are born you never wish for them to lead a life of hardship and pain.  A parent would never wish for their child to have a life that is dependent and revolves around a chemical substance.  (natural or synthetic)

I started reading a story today about a young man named Henry.  Henry was a beautiful 18 year old with his life in front of him.  He got involved in the drug scene, and started hanging out with the wrong crowd.  As I started reading Henry's story and seeing the pictures of him, my heart broke for his family.  What a beautiful young man.  His family will always be asking the what if's...Henry passed away May of 2010. 

Henry's story is not unique.  It happens to thousands of families every week.  Drugs don't care about your home life, economic status, religious affiliation, if you're the coolest of the cool, the class clown, or the smartest in the school.  And the people who sell drugs care even less.  These people are selling death.  Yes, there is responsibility on the part of the person who they are selling to, but the dealers are doing the devil's work.  I hate it.  I hate what they are doing and I hate what they stand for.  I hate that they prey on children.  I hate that they pretend to make it look cool and that everyone is doing it.  I hate their lies.

Drugs don't make you cool.  Drugs don't make your problems go away.  Drugs will separate you from Christ, your family, society, and even from yourself.  Drugs make you do things that you would never even consider when you're sober.

Have you ever heard an addict say "I'm so happy I started doing drugs, they have been wonderful for my life.  I'm so much better off since I started doing them."  No, you don't, and you never will.  They all say the same thing:  "I never thought I would get addicted." 

Henry's mom is trying to have the dealers prosecuted in his death.  I hope she is successful.  I hope the people who are guilty are in jail for the rest of their lives.  Maybe that's what we all need to do.  Find those people dealing death to our children and have them arrested and put in jail.  I don't want to hear of another child in my community dying from a drug overdose.  I don't want another family hurting because they had to bury a child that had so much potential.  I don't want to hear about a mother who is relieved that her child will be possibly going to jail for doing drugs because at least she will know he's alive and where he is.

Drugs are death.  To anyone who is reading this, if you are addicted, please ask a loved one for help.  They won't be angry with you, maybe disappointed, but they want the best for you.  There are many wonderful programs out there that can help you.  Drugs are not what is best for you.  Choose life.

I've had these thoughts on my heart so much today.  I'm praying for a hedge of protection around our children.  I'm praying that they will have the courage to say 'no' if they are ever offered.  I'm praying that if they ever make a mistake they will tell someone and get help.  I'm praying for them to hear the Savior's call on their lives.  Lord Jesus, protect our precious children, let their legacy be filled with You and life.  Help them to stand strong against the devil's lies, and see them for what they are.  Father God cover them and protect them when we, as their parents, can't be with them.  I ask all this in Jesus Name, Amen.

It's raining outside so we're having breakfast for dinner.  It's almost an unwritten rule that rain = breakfast for dinner.  Pancakes, grits, eggs, bacon, fresh fruit...dinner of champions.  So tonight, because all games & practices are canceled, we will have breakfast for dinner & have dishes of laughter, love, happiness, and memories.

Praying for you to be blessed beyond measure,

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