Monday, October 25, 2010

Joy Bubbles Up Part Deux's Monday; I think I've caught up on my sleep; & all I know is the more I look at the pictures from homecoming, the more I laugh!  I don't know if the children had as much fun as I did, but a girl can hope.  I am already starting to plan for what we're going to be doing next year.  But, before 2010 is over there will be a shaving cream war rematch.  It will be BYOSC, so if they want to bring 5 cans...who am I to say no? 

Abby, Hopson's homecoming date has entitled her picture cache on facebook, 'so my hair still smells like shaving cream'.  Love it.  I wondered if it make her hair shiny & silky smooth.  Yes, I'm very weird, and my family is aware of it also.  (they are just watching for when they may have to put me on medication...just kidding)

Henry could not wait to play with the shaving cream!  So he, Abby's little sister, Riley, our neighbor, Katie & another friend's son, Woodson, had a great time the next day covering the slide in the backyard with shaving cream & sliding down.  I've included pictures at the bottom.  :)

Enough about pictures, let's get to the good stuff...the food!  We had enough to feed an army!  The kids needed to eat a lot more than they did.  (I should have gotten down my 'to go' plates & made them each fix one.)  Needless to say, I haven't cooked a few days because my fridge is full.  I told you I would post my friend, Traci's, breakfast casserole recipe.  It is sooo easy & delicious.  It's a great all purpose recipe because it can be tweaked so easily without compromising the taste.  It is also easy to double, triple, quadruple, but very easy to make each one taste differently.

Click here to see the recipe. With Thanksgiving & Christmas coming up, I'm going to be posting some old family recipes to share.  (and of course the stories that go with them.) 

I am going to workout now because I ate so much this weekend I think I gained about 5 pounds...Yikes!

Y'all be blessed beyond measure,

Henry giving 2 thumbs up before sliding down the shaving cream slide
Riley (in the white) & Katie (in the blue) getting the slide ready. 

Riley up top, Katie in the red, Woodson in blue & Henry in white preparing the slide!

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  1. They had a ball!!! You should win "Mother of the Year!!!"


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