Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Just Need a little Adult Time

I am a huge proponent of adult time.  Now whether I get it or not is another story.  With a big active family it is not always possible to achieve this.  But...when it happens I am always glad I was able to be there.  Hopson and I are part of a couples supper club, and have more laughs than we can stand when we are there.  BTW, supper club, I have 2 words for you...Derby Party, be there...

I was trying to think of a different appetizer to take to last night's dinner.  Our group is crazy about Brie.  Ashley Stockard makes one of the BEST Brie appetizers I've ever had.  I really had a taste for that, but couldn't (and didn't want to try to) replicate it.  I also had a taste for a BLT dip that my friend Shannon makes.  What does someone like me do?  Well mix them of course!  When I was at the grocery store getting the Brie, tomatoes, and bacon, I knew it needed a special spice to go with it...but which one.  I'm standing there smacking my mouth trying to taste in my mind what different spices would taste like with the main 3 ingredients & you know what I came up with?  Smoked Paprika.  It's a spice that's a little crazy, but I'm pretty sure I'll use it again, so I didn't mind buying it.  You know how I feel about crazy ingredients

The group approved of the BBT appetizer, I think most of it was gone, and that's usually a good sign.  :)

There was a lot of laughter last night, with some talk about our crazy extended families, being groped at the airport, Thanksgiving and cabins, how to properly calculate how long you've been married, cotton bales, peanut oil on knees, youth sports teams, and how great Robert & Martha Cook's boys look wearing Auburn shirts, among other things.  Fun & laughter was had by all ~ minus the Rumplemints.

If you haven't had in any adult time lately, I highly recommend you get some.  It will make your heart fill lighter and your soul feel fuller.  If I don't get to post before next Thursday, Happy Thanksgiving!  How blessed I am!!!

Y'all be blessed beyond measure,

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  1. Ashley:

    We loved our adult time with you and Hopson, and your BLT Brie appetizer WAS delicious! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your dear family.


    P.S. The boys will be properly attired in Ole Miss gear this weekend. :)


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