Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Twofer

I've finally gotten off my duff & posted the second recipe. 

I was a little nervous about serving it because my family is known to turn their noses up at soup. (and not just the picky one)  They want something that is meaty & hearty.  Something that coats their stomach's and doesn't make them hungry in 5 minutes.

This recipe came out of desperation.  It was cold.  Squirrel...  I'm cold natured & am not a fan of being cold.  I know you can bundle up to get warm, but I never feel warm!  I have to be in my bed with my:  electric mattress pad (I would love to kiss the person on the mouth who invented this), sheet, electric blanket (between the electric mattress pad & electric blanket I feel like I'm in a warmth burrito~it's heavenly!), polertic blanket & down comforter.  Even then it takes me about an hour to warm up & be toasty.  My family thinks I'm crazy & they call me a cold prickle.  I've come to terms with it. 

Anyway, like I was saying, it was cold outside.  I had some stew meat that I needed to find a way to eat, because I had cooked it a few days before & served it with rice, but I had a good bit leftover.  I hate for food to go to waste.  Sooooooo, I came up with the stew. 

The fam actually liked it.  They really liked it because I gave them each a huge hunk of bread to go with it.  (I love the bread you get at Panera Bread when you order their soup.)  Yum is all I have to say.  I ate some today for lunch & it was delish.

On the we gotta eat site I've included how to make this meal a twofer, so you too can cook the meat once, but eat twice.  No thanks needed, just throw money.  HaHa!  Just Kidding.  (I think that was in a movie from the 80's.)  We love to say random movie lines & see if others in the fam can figure them out.  I know, we're a little kooky!  :)

Y'all have a wonderful Veteran's Day!
Be blessed beyond measure,

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