Saturday, February 11, 2012

Things are a Little Crazy Around Here...

...but in reality, when are they not?  It's the best kind of craziness though.  I love a house full of kids.  Not just my children, but having their friends here as well.  Last night was fun.  Henry had his awesome buddy, Josh, over to spend the night.  (I think Hop & Harry would trade Henry for Josh if given the chance.)  Harry had his friend, Joe, to spend the night, and a group of Hoppy's friends came over to hang out.  We had a house was awesome.  Poor Elizabeth was the only one who was a loner.  :(  Oh well, she'll see all her buddies this morning when she goes to dance. 

I don't have any new recipes I've tried, but I wanted to send you over to 'A Year in the Life' for the time being.  If I cook something new, I'll post it, but it's been kinda crazy around here: trying to work, take care of kiddos, and keep up two blogs.  I post on AYITL everyday, so you'll see a variety of things.

The other day I did make Friday Special with 3 pounds of chicken, and at the end of the night there was only a small bowl full I have some little piglets.  (it's now one of their favorite meals)

I hope you join me as I celebrate A Year in the Life.

Y'all be blessed beyond measure,

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the reason I do what I do
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