Sunday, February 12, 2012

Oh, It's Cold on My Tootsie Toes

Why is it when it's cold outside it's always my feet that are the coldest.  It takes me at least an hour to thaw out.  Hopson calls me a cold prickle.  :(  I am a cold prickle...I can't hold my own body heat in for anything.  He says it's because I don't have a positive mental attitude.  Yeah, what ever.  I would love it if someone made a bodysuit out of an electric blanket!  I could plug myself into the wall at my house and stay super warm all the time!

Because winter has decided to raise it's very cold head, again, after we've had a few weeks of 60ish degree weather in January/February, I am craving soup.  I would eat it in the winter at least once or twice a week.  (Warm soup to eat and a hot fire in the fireplace...good stuff!)  And because I wanted soup for dinner, I made myself soup.  I decided everyone else could eat it or not.  (Henry has been a birthday party & everyone else can fend for themselves.)  They all had loaded baked potatoes and half decided to have a cup of soup to go with it.

I made homemade Tomato Basil Soup, and of course I cheated on it.  It calls for fresh herbs, but I decided to use dried because I was pressed for time.  Hoppy & Elizabeth gave it a thumbs up.  I was pleased with it.  And since I was selfish and made it for me anyway...I was happy.  It heated me all the way to my very cold toes. :)

Y'all be blessed beyond measure,

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