Friday, January 6, 2012

A Splitter A Splatter

...I made a mess all over my platter...  Well not really a mess on the platter, but all over my cook top for sure.  I was in a good mood yesterday, and I'm not sure why but I told the fam I would be happy to make them homemade sweet & sour chicken.  They were in great favor of having that for dinner.  I had to shake my head & I thought to myself  'Um, did I really just offer to fry chicken and serve it with a delicious, sticky, orange sauce.'  Yes, yes I did.

I botched the first round of the sauce.  I don't follow recipes well & just started dumping things into the saucepan.  That is bad, very bad.  It didn't thicken up & I had to throw it out & start over.  The second time I actually did what it said.  Success!  2 of the 4 tasted it & gave it two thumbs up.

OK, onto the chicken.  As the chicken was sitting in the batter Henry looked at & said with a grimace on his face:  "mom, what is that?'.  I told him it was the chicken.  He informed me it didn't look like chicken.  Yes, thank you Hen, I still have to cook it.  As I was frying the chicken little fingers (40 in total) kept walking by & popping chicken into their mouths.  I finally had to get mad & shoo them out of the room, because at the rate the chicken was disappearing we weren't going to have any left for dinner.

Making Sweet & Sour Chicken is not hard, it's just messy.  Needless to say they loved it and gobbled it up.  It may have to start making a rotation once a quarter.  Maybe I'll make the sauce blue just to keep the fam guessing.  :)

Y'all be blessed beyond measure!

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