Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hold Me Now!

Oh I am so tired of crying.  I have turned into the biggest watering pot you have ever seen.  I look at pictures, videos, read first hand accounts of Wednesday, and I'm just heart sick and heart broken.  I used to not cry so easily, but the older I get the worse it gets. 

I know without a shadow of a doubt God speaks His words into my life.  I have a new play list with some of my new favorite songs and I'm just sitting here writing and crying. I will give you the list at the bottom of this posting if you're interested in listening to some songs that proclaim how awesome He is!

I have said several times that all I know is I serve a great God.  He is everything.  He has shown me that His body, when we decide to move, is strong and unstoppable.  Praise be to God who gives us all gifts to serve others!   

Right now I'm thinking of all the first responders.  I can't fathom what destruction looks like when they get there.  I've been hearing stories that I can't repeat, because the mental image is too much for me to handle, but these first responders are not like that.  They will charge ahead, no matter what, and do what they were trained to do: help people.  How thankful I am that they are willing to do that.  I feel about 2 inches tall when I think about what I have done compared to what they are doing.  God be with them all & sustain them through this.  God be with everyone who has offered their hands to help our neighbors.  God bless all the power company guys from different states!  God bless all the other states who want to help us by sending necessities.  We truly are The United States of America.

I don't feel like cooking, but I am.  Tonight we are having just plain jane poppyseed chicken.  If you don't have the recipe for this send me a message & I'll send it to you.

God bless our friends and neighbors beyond measure who are suffering right now!  May they be surrounded by His love and eternal mercy!

My new play list:
Forever Reign (Live)          Hillsong Live
Stronger                            Mandisa
No Matter What                Kerrie Roberts
Get Up                              Planetshakers
You Hold Me Now           Robert Pierre
Starry Night                      Chris August
I Am                                 Nicole C. Mullen
For Those Who Wait         Fireflight
Rain It Down                     Carlos Whittaker
God of Second Chances    Carlos Whittaker
When the Saints                 Sara Groves
Revelation Song                 Kari Jobe
Hosanna                            Hillsong United
Salvation is Here                Hillsong United
I Will Rise                         Chris Tomlin
Awakening                        Chris Tomlin
We the Redeemed             Hillsong

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