Saturday, October 15, 2011

Salt Water Taffy & Cold Pizza

Having a houseful of kids is a true blessing.  I have four, so right now there is always something going on in our house.  When the children are home from school there are sounds and actions surrounding them:  homework; music playing; laughter; sometimes arguing; Lego forts and planes being built and played with; sting pong and shooting pool; lacrosse balls being thrown against the house and caught again; the ping of the bat as it hits a baseball; dancing; but I think my favorite is when their friends come over.

My children are blessed with wonderful friends, all four of them have great friends.  Last night I was allowed to 'sit-in' with Hop's friends.  They let me hang around in the kitchen; listen; and join in on their conversations... yes I understand it's my kitchen, but some teenagers don't like being around adults & won't talk to them.  It was so fun because some of them came over before last night's game & the others came over after.

We talked about everything:  being a leader, girls, t-shirts, football, homecoming, salt water taffy, school, teachers, Jesus, picking on freshmen, accepting responsibility for your actions, and more topics that I can't even remember.  It was ordinary conversation, but it's those times I cherish the most.  For the guys who came over before the game we had salt water taffy and cookies they could snack on & after the game we  pulled out the cold pizza we had from dinner & all of it was inhaled.

I remember my mom doing the same thing.  I now know why she did it.  Not to live vicariously through me, but for me and my friends to reveal our hearts to her, and also to help her remember her time as a teenager.  (and to be glad to have the wisdom that comes with age!  Oh to go back to high school and college with the wisdom I have now...)

Ordinary moments aren't really ordinary when you think about it; they are actually quite extraordinary.  I cherish them in my heart, always.  Thanks guys for a wonderful night of revealing your hearts and making this momma laugh.  May the Lord walk with you all the days of your lives and bless your socks off.  

What ordinary moments have you had with your kids?  I would love to hear them!

Y'all be blessed beyond measure,

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