Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rainy Days and Sunshine

It really feels like fall outside today, and I really like the feel of fall.  Cool days with no humidity; God revealing His joy through the leaves changing on the trees; the smell of football in the air; pulling out all my fall clothes that I haven't seen since last year; yes, fall is a beautiful season.

It's been a little drizzly; a little chilly; it's getting dark early; and my fam. has asked for soup for dinner!   It may be rainy outside but in my soup bowl tonight there will be sunshine.

While at lunch today we all discussed which soup they would like for me to make.  One thing I hoped would that it wouldn't be anything that would take hours to cook.  Harry, El Jefe, the picky one, named the soup ~ Santa Fe Chicken Stew & and it was a resounding YES from the other three!  (this is different from the Santa Fe soup that is in the Food for Thought cookbook by the Birmingham Jr. League.  Also a very wonderful soup.)

This soup is so easy I think Henry could make it by himself.  Even if you can't cook, I promise you can cook this.  Like so many of the recipes I have, it was given to me.  A friend of my sister-in-law, Sandy, printed a cookbook over 10 years ago, and Sandy made it while we were visiting on night & everyone raved about it.  I of course tweaked it a little & you know I don't measure anything so I'll be giving you guestimations on the recipe site. Know I've given you the minimum, but I never use the minimum.  ;)  For my crew I actually doubled the recipe.

This is a really pretty soup & is so yummy!  So the next time your family wants sunshine in a bowl, you should serve them this with a smile to match.

y'all be blessed beyond measure,

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