Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bubble Bubble Toil & Trouble

I keep wondering where June went.  It is so hot in Alabama right now I bet I could cook chocolate chip cookies in my car.  (For some reason I've always wanted to try it.  I may do it next week.)  We skipped right over June & have August weather.  It makes me want to wilt.  I am extremely cold natured, but if I get just a little warm I will start sweating.  Yes, I am a walking contradiction!

I do love summer though because of all the fresh fruits & veggies, and farmer Ted (this is what I call Hopson when his garden is in full bloom) has his garden stocked with them.  But when it's this hot, who wants to spend anytime in a hot kitchen?  I do because all 4 kiddos are home 24/7 & they are hungry!  (and since I have my new cook top, even though the down draft vent is not hooked-up, I don't have an excuse not to cook.) 

Last night I was trying to think of something very yummy, but not too hot to eat.  For some reason in the summer my kids love tuna with a side of mac & cheese.  We didn't have that for dinner, but it's just something they love.  Ok, that was totally unrelated to this posting, but they do eat it almost everyday in the summer.  (no eggs in the tuna, just a little mayo & a ton of dill pickle relish.  sooo good!!!)

I decided on a pasta bar for dinner.  I had some homemade marinara in the fridge I made last week b/c the children were on a homemade pizza binge, so I browned some hamburger meat and onions to make that a meat sauce.  I made some creamy pesto, and a garlic butter sauce too.  There were 3 different kinds of pasta to choose from & they could just carb themselves out.  I think they were extremely happy b/c no one said anything during dinner, they just ate.  It's always nice when they get excited about my cooking. 

The one downer, the clean-up.  Because I haven't learned the ins & outs of my new cook top, I made a little bit of a mess & some elbow grease was required to scrub it all off.  But, you know, I didn't really mind b/c I have enough left overs to serve the pasta as sides for the next few days, or part of lunch, or breakfast if they're moved to have pasta before swim team/golf/football practice.

It was a different kind of meal & I was going to serve it with a salad, but they wanted angel hair shredded cabbage with ranch dressing.  You know as long as they were eating something green I thought that was just fine.  Y'all try to stay cool during these hot days in June. 

Be blessed beyond measure,

PS~My baby, Henry, turned 9 Sunday.  Happy Birthday to the cutest little wiggle worm in the world.  I love you Hen. with all my heart.  <3


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