Tuesday, August 9, 2011

So Proud of my Girl

This summer has been fun, fast, and is now coming to a close.  For me it's been especially fun because I have watched my sweet Elizabeth begin her journey in cooking. 

This has been the summer of homemade pizzas, and Elizabeth is the best at making one.  Her brothers, with their mouths full, will mumble that her pizzas are good.  From a boy that's a pretty high compliment.

Last night she made a full cake by herself.  I didn't even supervise...a little scary now that I think about it, but she did it beautifully!  (I can't bake so I'm pretty proud! and a little jealous.)

Tonight I'm letting her make dinner.  She learned how to poach chicken & why it's better to poach it than boil it.  I'm letting her choose the menu & she decided to make PoppySeed Chicken.  Hoppy will be excited, it's one of his favorite meals.  She is shredding, mixing, spreading & crumbling.  She has decided that broccoli will go great with our chicken.  I agree, so the picky one will be most upset that he will have green trees on his plate to eat.  (If he wants cake...he'll eat broccoli.)  The only part of cooking I don't think she's going to like very much is the clean-up.  Then again, I don't like the clean-up either.  (I think I'll be nice & help her with this part.  Misery loves company.)

I'm so proud of her.  I wish my mom & MeMaw were here so I could share this memory with them.  I know they would praise her accomplishments.  For those of us who cook a lot, PS Chicken and broccoli is a simple meal to prepare, but for someone who doesn't know how to cook, it's huge.  We've shared E's cooking ability with GiGi & Pop because they spent the night last night & were able to let Elizabeth know how much they loved her cake.  It's nice when people notice your hard work and let you know they appreciate you.

So today's post is for my girl...I'm so proud of her!  She makes my job as a mom easy.  :)

Y'all be blessed beyond measure,
~Elizabeth's very proud mommy ~ ashley


  1. That's awesome! Hopefully she'll love it as much as my Olivia does. She just did Kenyan food this week http://necessarypleasures.blogspot.com/2011/08/vegetable-currry-with-kenyan-ugali.html and is gearing up to tackle an "L" country next week.

    Hope your back-to-school goes smoothly!


  2. Awesome! That is so great she is learning to cook so early. And enjoyong it. I still dont like to cook. Michael usuallu does the cleanup to show appreciation.

    Ellen Bryant


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